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Free car using the RCA insurance.

With the amendment of the RCA law in December 2016, the party damaged in a car accident benefits FREE of charge from the replacement car for the period while the car is in service for repairs.

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How Replacement by MSI works

Open the dossier

For this you need the amicable finding completed by both parties or by the documents issued by the Police if more than two cars were involved in the accident.

Get the documents

Following the opening of the damage file, you will receive a note of finding with which you will go to the service to obtain the repair estimate.

You receive confirmation

After obtaining these documents and obtaining confirmation from the insurer, you can contact the car rental company to take over the replacement vehicle when the car enters service.

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What documents do i need to get a replacement car?
  • Observation Note
  • Reparation Estimate
  • Copy of the registration certificate
  • Copy of the ID and of tge driver's license
Do i have to pay for the car?
No.The beneficiary does not to pay. the insurer of the culprit will settle the value of the rent.
How long will I benefit from a car?
According to the legislation in force, the period for granting the replacement car is calculated according to the formula "total number of labor hours entered in the quotation, divided into 4" so that for every 4 hours of labor, you will benefit from a FREE rental day.
What happens if my car repair is extended?
The insurer covers only the number of days calculated according to the estimate. The user has the possibility to keep the replacement car in addition to the days settled by the insurer at a preferential cost, punctually agreed with the local MSI Premium Cars Agency.

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